A Grand Prix Thriller

by Alan Wilson

This fast paced story fits perfectly into the seldom seen, behind the scenes, world of Grand Prix racing, with amazing attention to detail, accuracy and understanding of what really goes on in the secure paddocks at the Grand Prix tracks around the world.


Set in the most tumultuous period of recent Formula One Grand Prix racing, ZAPPED is the story behind the fight for dominance on the track by the racing teams and the struggle for control of the politics and power of the entire world of Grand Prix racing.

It is the story of Zac Radford, a young American computer genius who is drawn into the Grand Prix world by the incredible technical culture that drives Formula One racing.

Working within the secluded world of a mid-level race team, he soon suspects that one of the leading teams is employing very advanced, military level technology to impact the performance of its competitors as it seeks to gain dominance on tracks around the world.

Recognizing that these techniques are based on advanced new military technology, Zac Radford and his brother, a high level American military officer, spend most of the race season learning the secrets being used, without revealing their suspicions, until, in the final two events of the year, they are able to bring the situation to the attention of the racing authorities and orchestrate the tumultuous solution that saves the sport from the disaster that the cheating was about to unleash on the sport.

Set against the powerful politics that control the sport, their solution has to work within the extreme in-fighting for control of racing by its dominant owner and the racing authorities that limit their ability to take action and which, in turn, are brought to a head by the situation that they have uncovered.


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