Driven by Desire

The Desiré Wilson Story

by Alan Wilson

Written by her husband, Alan Wilson, the Desiré story tells of her successes, failures, struggles and achievements from the perspective of one who was by her side for more than 40 years of her racing life, providing a unique understanding of her career in the real world of racing.

Driven By Desire

This is the story of Desiré Wilson’s racing life from her first race at the age of five to her final events at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Acclaimed by many of the world’s motor racing media as the best woman race driver of all time, she competed in more than 100 race cars in Formula One, World Endurance Racing, Indy Cars, IMSA GTP, and many other different categories of racing and at great events such as the Le Mans 24 hours race and the Daytona 24 Hour event.

As the only women ever to win both a Formula One (British Championship) race, as well as two World Endurance Championship events, while racing on more than 100 tracks around the world, she remains the most accomplished woman driver of her time.

Competing in thirteen countries around the world, she faced high levels of political and anti-female bias, intense competition and continual struggle to finance her racing, yet she remains one of the most respected drivers of her era, regardless of her femininity.

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